The Miracle Drink: 20 Benefits of Water

Water is essential to life. It helps regulate body temperature, lubricates joints, and could even prevent kidney stones. In this article, you will learn 20 benefits of water. One perk I love is that it can help with weight loss by making you feel fuller for more extended periods. Yet, many people don’t drink enough … Read more

How to Eat vegetables for Weight Loss

Have you been struggling in your weight loss endeavors? Do you want to make it easier for yourself? One crucial part of a weight loss diet is eating vegetables. Vegetables are one of the keys to a successful weight loss journey! Vegetables are high in nutrients and fiber, which benefit your health and help you … Read more

How to Live with Purpose

In this article, you’ll find what it means to live on purpose and strategies for how to live with purpose, so that you can experience a more meaningful life. My Unintentional Life When I first became a mother, I struggled with not being intentional with my time. I was blessed to stay at home with … Read more

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Walking

It’s never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle. The sooner you get started, the better! Most people don’t get enough physical activity, and walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise to improve your overall health. The health benefits of regular walking are endless– from weight loss and lowering blood pressure … Read more

Find Your Flow: How to Create a Ritual

Find Your flow

If you’ve read this series, you’ve read about the importance of flow and how to achieve flow. This post is the last part of this 3-part series where I’ll share how to find your flow by creating a flow ritual. You can find the posts for this series right here: Is Flow the Secret to … Read more

How to Get Flow: Six Steps

Last week I shared the importance of flow in our lives and how it contributes to our happiness. Check out that article here. Now that you know flow is a secret sauce to happiness and well-being, you might wonder how to get flow.  Here are the steps to follow if you want to get into … Read more