How Healthy Am I? A Fun Quiz

How Healthy Are You?

Do you wonder about the current state of your health or if you know how to get healthy? Find out where you belong. Are you a health expert, a novice in training, or a complete newbie? Take the How Healthy Am I? quiz to find out. Are you a health expert?  Do you know all … Read more

How to Live with Intention: 10 Steps

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

What if you could have a well-balanced life full of purpose? To wake up each day with intention? Intentional living means living with purpose and doing activities that support your goals. Without intention, you might coast through life on autopilot and live a dull and unfulfilling life. Read on to find out how to live … Read more

How a Coach Helps Improve Your Work-Life Balance: Some Quick Tips

Now that I have been coaching for several months as a functional medicine coach, I realize how much of what I do is not what others consider traditional health coaching. I’ve discussed in previous posts how functional medicine deals with getting at the root cause of disease. However, as a health coach, I’m not necessarily … Read more