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Find Your Flow: How to Create a Ritual

If you’ve read this series, you’ve read about the importance of flow and how to achieve flow. This post is the last part of this 3-part series where I’ll share how to find your flow by creating a flow ritual.

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How to Get Flow

You may find it challenging to achieve the flow state. It helps to create a ritual or specific actions that you take each time you want to enter the flow state.

Find Your Flow

The ritual serves as a trigger to your brain… a signal that you are about to do something meaningful and that your brain and body need to prepare. The more you practice the ritual, the more you train your brain and body to enter the flow state more easily.

Here is my ritual for entering flow state before I write my blog posts:

  • Get a cup of coffee.
  • Put my phone away.
  • Read something brief and inspirational.
  • Set my intention for my flow session.
  • Take several deep breaths and focus on my breath. Mindful breathing helps me get grounded.
  • Turn on my essential oil diffuser. Lemon is one of my favorite focusing oils.
  • Close all unnecessary browser tabs on the computer.
  • Put headphones on and play either white noise or non-distracting background music.
  • Set my Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes.
  • Begin writing distraction-free.

It’s essential to find activities you enjoy when creating your ritual. Make it special.

Steps to take Before you Find Your Flow

  1. Clean up the environment you will work in and set up your work environment. I can’t concentrate in a cluttered environment. It helps to get everything organized before you start.
  2. Know when you are at your productive peak and do your ritual during this period. If you work better in the morning, do your flow ritual in the morning. If you think best at night, try to do it then. The important thing is to know when you work at your best. It would be difficult to get into flow if you are fighting mental fatigue.

To learn more about flow, check out these books from Mihalay Csikszentmihalyi.

So, are you ready to find your flow?

Now you know about the power of flow state, you know it can: 

● Significantly increase the quality of your life 

● Cause your productivity to skyrocket 

● Allow you to make progress on your most important tasks 

● Stretch you and help you reach your full potential 

● Increase your levels of focus and concentration 

● Help you achieve your biggest goals 

Learning to get into flow requires some work. Be dedicated to the task in front of you. Eliminate distractions. And establish intentional time for your chosen activity.

It’s not easy to carve out this time, but it’s worth it. 

You’ll reach goals you never thought possible. 

You’ll find yourself developing new skills and honing your existing ones. 

And you’ll make progress on the activities that are most important to you. 

What will you do to get into flow? What does a flow state ritual look like for you? What steps will you follow every time to ensure that you train your mind and body to enter the flow state? 

Do you need a little extra help? Download the free workbook which guides you through the process. The questions in this guide will help you be in your way to developing a flow routine.

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