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9 Important Reasons to Switch to Glass Food Storage Containers

Top Benefits of glass food storage containers

In this post, I’ll discuss the benefits of glass food storage containers. Before I dig into that, I’ll tell you why I’m writing about this topic.

A few days ago, I switched to glass food storage containers because I got tired of the avalanche of plastic ones in my cupboard. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’m not the most physically organized person. And, these plastic containers took up a crazy amount of space….three cupboards full, to be exact. My kitchen containers were either part of different sets or random things from getting take-out at restaurants. I could never find matching lids! It was a nightmare.

A couple of days ago, I decided I’d had enough, as all the containers from one cupboard came tumbling out. So, I started reading about alternatives and began reading about glass food storage. I was sold on the idea and found a set on Amazon.

Before and after my switch from plastic to glass containers
My cupboard transformation when I switched from plastic to glass.

So, why should you use glass storage containers? Here are 11 reasons to help convince you to ditch the plastic containers and why glass containers are the best option for storing food.

The Top benefits of glass food storage containers:

Top Benefits of glass food storage containers. Picture of empty glass food containers.

Glass containers last longer than plastic containers.

Unless you break it, glass containers can last forever. Plastic containers can start to look worn and warped after a few cycles through the dishwasher. Plastic storage containers have a limited lifespan before they break down or bend, while glass lasts much longer without breaking down.

There are even glass food storage containers made from tempered glass. Tempered glass and borosilicate glass are even more durable than regular glass and can withstand high temperatures without breaking or chipping, while still safe for use in the freezer and dishwasher! 

Glass won’t release harmful chemicals into your food like plastics will.

Top Benefits of glass food storage containers. Picture of food inside glass food containers.

Plastic has been linked to many health issues, from cancer and reproductive problems to hormone disruption. Studies show some plastic storage containers can leach these harmful compounds when they come in contact with heat. A glass storage container is non-reactive, so that it won’t do this!

Glass offers less risk of chemicals leaching into food and posing health risks, such as dioxins from plastics that mimic hormones in the body or endocrine-disrupting phthalates found in some kinds of plastic food storage containers.

Glass containers are more environmentally friendly than plastic because you can recycle them endlessly.

Glass is made from sand and other natural materials that don’t harm the environment. Plastic, on the other hand, contains petroleum products that can negatively impact our planet’s future generations if we continue with its usage at this rate!

Glass food storage containers are easier to clean than plastic ones. 

You can wash glass containers in the dishwasher, and they won’t get ruined. 

Plastic food containers are often not dishwasher safe, and the dishwasher-safe ones often warp after washing a few times.

You won’t have an avalanche of plastic things that don’t match.

Losing glass containers would be more difficult. They are heavier, and you can’t shove them into little corners like you can plastic containers.

The glass allows for better visibility of what’s inside the container.

Top Benefits of glass food storage containers. Picture of leftovers inside glass containers

You can see through a glass container and know what and how much food you have left. Storing food in glass containers means you will have less chance of finding old moldy food. Gross!

Glass containers don’t absorb bad smells or stain like plastic containers do.

If you put onions in a glass container, it won’t permanently stink as a plastic container might. Once you wash it, the smell is gone.

Glass is so much prettier and more fun to eat out of than plastic containers.

Top Benefits of glass food storage containers. Woman eating cherries from glass bowl

Who doesn’t want to eat out of a pretty food storage container? Eating out of something pretty makes the experience better. And when your dining experience is special, you are more likely to enjoy it and be more mindful when eating! For me, the value of my food appears to be greater than when I reach for a plastic container of food.

Glass storage containers are microwavable.

You can put glass food storage containers in the microwave to reheat your food without worrying about chemicals leaching out. You can also put them in the oven to reheat your food.


Glass food storage containers are a great option for anyone looking to reduce their plastic footprint. They’re more environmentally friendly, they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your food and pose health risks, and you’ll find them easier to clean in the dishwasher or by hand. If you want some help finding glass storage containers from brands with stellar reviews on Amazon – I’ve got you covered! To read about my recommendations, see below.

List of the best glass storage containers based on Amazon reviews

These recommendations are based mainly on the number of positive reviews and the overall star rating.

Best overall food storage containers

24 piece Fine Dine Superior glass food storage container set

  • Each glass storage container contains a leakproof locking lid made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Sizes include 2 (12 oz), 1 (21.5 oz) 1 (35oz ) 2 (11 oz) 1 (17.5 oz) 1 (27 oz) 2 (13.5 oz) 1 (21.5 oz) 1 (32 oz) 

Best meal prep containers

5 pack Prep Naturals

  • 5 30 oz containers with BPA free lids
  • Stackable
  • Good for meal prep

Best for leftovers (according to me)

After looking at the above reviews, I decided to go with the MUMUTOR containers. They didn’t have as many reviews, but I liked that they had a variety of sizes.

So far, so good!

  • Rectangle container: 2x370ml(1.6 cups),1x630ml(2.7 cups),1x1040ml(4.5 cups), Square container: 2x310ml(1.4 cups),1x530ml(2.3 cups),1x800ml(3.4 cups), Round container: 2x390ml(1.7 cups),1x640ml(2.7 cups),1x970ml(4.1 cups)
  • Made of borosilicate glass 
  • BPA-free
  • Note: Lids can’t be microwaved and should be hand-washed as much as possible.

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