The Cure for Stress Eating: How to Stop Emotional Eating

Let’s talk about stress eating. Have you ever reached for that ice cream carton to soothe yourself or that bag of ruffled potato chips and dip? As a stressed-out mom, I’ve experienced this behavior over the past couple of years. If you’re like me, you’ve been guilty of it at some point. You know, when … Read more

Does health coaching work? What You Need to Know

Health coaching helps people create individualized wellness plans focusing on health behavior change. Health and wellness coaches support and help you make lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. You might wonder if health and wellness coaching is effective and whether you should use one. Does health coaching work? You will be able to … Read more

100 Mindfulness Exercises To Improve Your Life

In this article, you’ll learn simple ways to incorporate mindfulness training into your daily life. You’ll find 100 mindfulness exercises you can use throughout your day. Before we get to the exercises, it’s important to know what mindfulness is and why it’s important to our well-being. Why Mindfulness? Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with underlying … Read more