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Ten Benefits of Using a Health Coach

Medical provider holding a tree of life. Ten Benefits of Using a health Coach

Many physicians are using health coaches because they are finding many benefits in their practice and health coaching is proving to be effective. With increasing numbers of people having chronic disease, a health coach can be a critical piece to getting a patient to where they need to be with their wellness. After just five sessions, 25% of people reportedly show improvement of symptoms. 

Are you aware that chronic disease has become a huge issue worldwide?  According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 adults have one chronic disease and 4 out of 10 have two or more. Many of these diseases are diseases which are preventable through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Is it time for you to make some changes to your own health and avoid becoming part of this statistic? Read this article to find out what good health means, why good health is important, and the benefits of using a functional medicine health coach. (In this article, I use health coach and functional medicine health coach interchangeably). 

Health Defined

Health and wellness refer to the physical, psychological and social welfare of a person. A healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep all play a significant role to keep your body optimally functioning. Our bodies incorporate a variety of biological systems. Some of these include the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, and immune system.  Each of these systems work together to help us perform well in our day to day functioning. 

Good health is critical as it contributes to a long, rich, and meaningful life. Our physical health impacts our mental health through a mind-body connection. Improving our health (both mental and physical) is a responsibility we each have to live the best life we can.

Why You Should Focus on Your Health

When you take action to improve your health and wellness, it not only contributes to your physical functioning, but it also boosts your confidence and improves your self-esteem. You deserve good health because your health affects your daily activities. When you feel good, you can be more successful both in your daily life at home and in your opportunities at work. 

A poor health routine negatively impacts your quality of life. Poor health makes it difficult for you to perform well in everyday tasks.  Each segment of your life depends on you having great health.

Without good health, it is difficult to achieve goals or enjoy life’s pleasures. To succeed, you need physical energy. This energy comes from a place of good health. You can not live to your highest potential if you are not taking care of well-being.

A common misconception about health is that good health only refers to your physical health or weight. But it is much more than that. To be healthy, you must focus on your activity level, your nutrition, and your psychological well-being. You can make positive changes in these areas by increasing movement, eating a nutritious diet, reducing your stress, getting enough sleep and relaxation, and improving your relationships. 

You can improve these aspects of your well-being on your own, but it’s difficult to make long-lasting behavioral changes on your own. That is where a health and wellness coach comes in. Your health coach encourages you do that which you think you can’t do, challenges you but supports you, and is passionate about helping you find the best version of yourself.

What is a Functional Medicine Health Coach?

It’s important to know that a functional medicine health coach is not a doctor, a therapist,  or a registered dietician. A health and wellness coach is not a medical expert who diagnoses disease. Your health coach is a trained professional who focuses on improving your well-being. Your health coach serves you by giving you individualized motivational support to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. 

The coach works either one-on-one with you or in a group over a certain length of time to help you set and achieve your health goals.

If you aren’t sure what functional medicine is, check out this post.

What are the Benefits of Using a Functional Medicine Health Coach? 

1.  Takes you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

A functional medicine health coach helps you examine your health history and your current health situation. The coach helps you look at the complete picture of your life to see where to make lifestyle changes such as weight loss, sleep, or unhealthy habits. A health coach dedicates their time and energy to helping you transform your health and well-being from the inside out.

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2.  Assists you In developing SMART health goals and holds you accountable.

Though you might know what you need to do to be healthy, it isn’t always clear how to get there. The health coach will empower and guide you to make sustainable lifestyle choices. A coach helps you set SMART goals and holds you accountable for reaching your goals. SMART goals are goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

3.  Designs an individualized wellness plan.

There is no one size fits all to health. You have individual needs and desires for your vision of good health. Your health coach helps you to develop a plan focusing on creating healthy habits specific to you at your current season of life. The sea of health information can be overwhelming, and you might not know which plan is most suitable for you.  A health coach can guide you and help design a plan that will work for you. A health coach will take your personal wellness vision and guide you in designing your plan to help you make sustainable, long-lasting changes.

4. Helps you stay positive and motivated. 

It’s difficult to make big changes to your lifestyle. A health coach will support you through your journey. A functional medicine health coach knows how to use positive psychology techniques to ensure that you change your habits in a healthy and positive way. The functional medicine health coach uses motivational interviewing questions to help you develop self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation. You are the driver of your life. The health coach just helps you find your way to your destination. A health-coach helps you examine any self-limiting beliefs you have to move you in the right direction. Read more about self-limiting beliefs here.

5.  Works alongside doctors and other medical practitioners to help you manage chronic conditions. 

Health Coaches are a part of the healthcare system. A health coach can work hand in hand with doctors to help you move toward a healthier lifestyle using your doctor’s instructions, especially in chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.The coach helps you to develop the skills you need for you to take care of yourself. 

6.  Provides non-judgmental support with effective communication.

A health coach will help you understand your basic and foremost needs. He helps you monitor your health in a non-judgmental way. The coach uses good listening skills and effective communication strategies to guide you to create successful behavior changes. The coach actively listens to you and encourages you to be the expert in your life.

7.  Uses the Mind-Body Connection.

Your thoughts influence your physical health, and your physical health influences your thoughts. For example, if you are stressed about financial matters it creates muscle tension, pains, headaches, and stomach issues. These are your body’s signals that things may be off balance in your body. Your health coach supports you to create a positive body-mind connection by choosing techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and exercise. These techniques positively impact your health and well-being.

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8. Encourages you to take time for self-care and to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

A functional medicine health coach will encourage you to take time for yourself. If you don’t have time to engage in self-care, you will not achieve your health goals. A health coach will help you realize the importance of self-care so you can maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle.

9. Has specialized training and knowledge. 

A certified health coach has been trained in techniques which improve your overall well-being. A health coach trained at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy learns not only how to coach, but has gained knowledge in nutrition and how your body systems work together. A coach from FMCA spends 12 months training and learning about the functional medicine approach. To learn more about what functional medicine is, read this article. 

10. Helps you to be a healthy role model for your family.

 A health coach will help you strategize ways to bring these changes into your daily life. These changes may have a positive effect on your family, particularly if you are the one doing the meal planning or grocery shopping. 

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 A functional medicine health coach can help you feel supported, accountable and empowered. A health coach can guide you to start your health journey and help you transform your life into a healthy, happy, and well-balanced one.

Can you benefit from using a health coach? I would love to help you. Read about where my passion for health comes from in this post. Schedule a free call today and find out which packages suit you best.

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