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30 Fun and Random Facts About Me

30 Fun and Random Facts About Me. Picture of confetti and logo.

Read 30 fun and interesting facts about me so you can get to know me better. Since I just started my business, I thought it would be good for you to get to know me. My other blog posts were not very personable and much more technical. Because coaching is very personal, I want you to know more about who is behind this business and blog.  You can also check out my About page and learn about why I decided to become a coach

1. I was born in Laramie, Wyoming. I grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and then returned to Laramie to go to the University of Wyoming.

2. Both of my parents grew up in Wyoming and were high school sweethearts.

3. My grandfather homesteaded in Wyoming and won the land in a lottery after he served in World War II. My mother grew up in an old barracks building which my grandfather acquired as part of the Homesteading Act. The barracks building had previously been part of a Japanese relocation camp at the base of Heart Mountain. 

30 Facts About Me. Photo of my grandpa
My grandfather

4. My ethnic background is English, Swedish, Norwegian, Scottish, German, Irish, and Scottish. 

5. I’m well on my way to being 50 years old. My birthday is in December and I’m 47 years old. Hopefully, directors aren’t reading this as I rarely put my age on my audition forms. I don’t want anyone to know I’m this old. Because I am small in stature (I am 5’1”), I will milk my size for as long as I can by auditioning for roles meant for people younger than me.

6. I love singing show tunes in the car as loudly as possible. My favorite Broadway singers are Natalie Weiss and Sutton Foster.

7. My family has one dog (a Coton de Tulear) and two cats. 

8. I’m not athletic and never played competitive sports. I really don’t have a competitive bone in my body. I even pretended to be sick to get out of playing these types of games in my gym classes growing up. Luckily, by the time I made it to high school, choir counted as a gym class. I don’t understand how I lucked out there, but thank goodness I did.

9. Even though I’m not into competitive sports, I danced and took years of ballet, tap, and jazz.

10. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I’ve tried to learn, but riding a bike terrifies me.

11. I’ve lived in four different states. I’ve lived in Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Ohio.

12. My husband (Bill) and I have been married for 21 years. 

13. We have two teenage daughters. 

14. I met Bill at Borders bookstore in the self-help section. I’m not sure that’s a good thing to admit.

15. I changed my major at least 6 times as an undergraduate before I settled on Speech and Hearing Sciences. I have multiple degrees because I find everything interesting. I am a collector of degrees. I have two Master’s degrees which I don’t use professionally. 

16. My number one strength is my love of learning, which explains the above fact. My other top strengths are curiosity, forgiveness, humility, and perspective. If you want to learn about your strengths, take the Via test for free. This is a tool that I utilize in my coaching practice.

17. I am extremely introverted. My personality type is INFJ, which is the rarest type. This is funny to me because several people I know are also this type. Maybe we were destined to find each other.

18. My dream jobs is to be a full-time professional performer. I love performing on stage and it is the one thing I am most passionate about. My next biggest passions are health and helping others, which is why I became a functional medicine health coach.

19. At 8 years old, I played my first role, Ngana in South Pacific. It took me several attempts before I ever auditioned because of my shyness. My parents would drive me to auditions and I would chicken out. Since this first role, I have been in at least one show per year. 

20. My love of performing comes from my family. My parents and brother are all performers. My brother runs a theater company in Kansas.  My dad played the vision-impaired bum in UHF. You can watch it here. My mother choreographed most of the community theater productions when I was a kid. My grandmother (on my mother’s side) was a vaudevillian dancing roller skater and my grandfather (also on my mother’s side) toured as an actor with his family.

21.  I studied pre-med through undergraduate school and kind of wish I would have become a doctor. Actually, I still toy around with the idea of medical school. But that would be a very expensive degree to collect.

22.  I’ve never been to any European countries and I really want to go. It’s actually a dream of mine to live in Europe for a short time….just to experience something completely different. 

23. I write another blog which I’m not good at maintaining, but if you want to check it out, it’s at I will probably let that one go because I started it when I was at a completely different season in my life.

24. I don’t have any favorite things. When people ask me about favorites, I get anxious. I love way too many things and I can’t narrow them down.

25. I hate shopping of any kind, but especially clothes shopping. If I never had to step foot in a store, I’d be happy.

26. I am terrified of public speaking, but I am determined to get over this fear. I plan on enrolling in Toastmasters in the next year.

27. I avoid going to places where the parking is difficult. I can’t parallel park and my maneuverability skills stink. 

28. I don’t like social media, and as soon as it makes sense financially, this will be the first thing I outsource for my business. Speaking of social media, I also don’t like to post pictures of myself or posing for pictures. I need to take selfie lessons from my daughters for my business.

30 Fun and Random Facts About me. Picture of me.
Bad selfie

29. My childhood nickname was Beezle Weasel. My parents called me this, and I don’t know why. I asked them today why they called me that and they didn’t know where it came from. 

30. I walked the entire Susan G. Komen 3-day 60 mile walk without a blister.

I hope that this gives you some insight into who I am and that you enjoyed reading these 30 fun facts. This will be one of the only times I talk about myself because I’ve never been comfortable sharing a lot about myself. I prefer listening to other people’s stories. If you want to, please share a fun fact about yourself in the comments as I love to get to know my readers.

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  1. I sold encyclopedias for a summer in college. Sometimes when I walk up to a front door I have a horrible flashback of that awful ‘cold call’ feeling. I did sell some, but never to anyone who didn’t want them.


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